Sliced! 100 tone equal temperament piano 100平均律ピアノ

How 100 tone equal temperament piano would sound like....? 100平均律に調律されたピアノがどんな風に響くか試してみました。100 tone equal temperament is the tempered scale derived by dividing the octave into 100 equal steps. (equal frequency ratios) Are you ready to be microtonalized? hmmm maybe I tried to play silent night, holy night in the early June but this 100TET(EDO) piano with 88 keys didn't...


微分音夢日記「夢から目を覚ます方法」  How to wake up from a dream (Microtonal Dream Diary)

Hi everyone, I just uploaded my new video, “how to wake up from a dream”. A bit creepy but I hope you’ll enjoy this microtonal dream diary. ^_^¥ 新しいビデオをアップしました。微分音夢日記「夢から目を覚ます方法」。ハウツーものとしてはかなり難ありの内容です ^_^¥ ファッションブランドの広告の撮影という設定もだ〜いぶ難ありですが、実際にはダイソーのお面とGU(ジーユー)の服です曲に関しては丁度4年ほど前...


アイスフェイス・マカーム Iceface Maqam

My first attempt on Icface Maqam Rast C. (Arabic mode)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5qR8QXglyAI hope this attempt shows how Western and Middle Eastern, and many other kind of musics can be uniquely blended for the New Hellenism. If you are familiar to Maqam or Persian music, please let me know if this sounds fine!?(As Hans Straub told me in the comment, it must be Maqam Iraq though)アラブ音楽の...